Prime Group Asia

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Who we are

Prime Group Asia was started in 2009 with the objective of providing alternative professional high quality hair care products and hair care solutions in South East Asia. Despite the economy downturn, our company was convinced that it was a time of opportunity, to enter the market and gain a position as a commercially attractive partner among our prospective partners and clients.

The Vision of Prime Group Asia is to be acknowledged as the most preferred hair care products distributer in South East Asia, capable of delivering high quality products and hair care solutions that demonstrate high caliber of effectiveness for hair professionals in the region.

Our company will make active investments in state-of-the-art education centres and expertise of top caliber, to clinch a spot and market share in Singapore and overseas in the near future. To develop our business vision, we will invest in marketing, advertising extensively, providing useful information about products we distribute and to create brand awareness in the industry.

Looking further, we strive to manage our business portfolio effectively, creating value that meets the needs of our clients, consumers and shareholders.

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