Prime Group Asia | Label M new launch
Inaugurated in 2009, Prime Group Asia (PGA) has been a stronghold in South East Asia for providing cutting edge hair care products and services to professional salons. Treating hair styling as a form of artistry, PGA strives to provide the right tools that can aid in creating a masterpiece. Our range of products cater to every hair care need, and our product line strays away from the pack, with a preference for more esoteric brands such as Mucota, Label M, Daeng Gi Meo Ri, DS Laboratories, Demi, Fabuloso and Hair Company Products. Aside from providing quality products, PGA also places a strong emphasis on the education of these products. With frequent workshops and product education sessions, PGA’s goal is to ensure that our clients know exactly how to harness all the beneficial attributes of these products. Throughout the years, PGA has clinched numerous awards from acclaimed publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Weekly and Simply Her.
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Label M new launch

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